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Fall/Winter Alumni Collections

$36.00 USD

Deepest, Darkest Secrets Collex:
BGL's celebratory debut; Launch Date: 11/23/17!
This collection is composed of four, vampy colors:
"Black Blue-ty"- A blackened blue crelly full of rainbow flakies and micro shimmer.
"Eggplanty"- A reddish-violet hued polish, that resembles the color of eggplant skin, with silvery micro-shimmer.
"Tesla's Twilight" - A deep violet with various micro-shimmer pigments, said to remind people of a clear Colorado night sky.
"Kohl Blooded"- A deep gray color with blue micro-shimmer. Dries slightly matte.
Matte-r Of Fact Collex (Fall 2016)

Six beautifully deep matte shades in one collection!
All have a matte finish that almost feels like velvet!
Tan-Tilizing (tan), Oh So Noire (black), Evergreen With Envy (deep green), Clearly Cobalt (blue), Passionately Purple (deep purple), Burgundy Bliss (deep red)
Fiddy Shades Of Gray Collex:

Created in Feb 2017, loosely named after a very popular book/movie. This 4 pc collection was intended to be "Anti" V Day Colors. These four grays are perfect for fall/winter . These grays are all that you'll ever need in your collection!
What Overcast?! - soft gray
Rainy Days & Mondays - matte gray w/ white flakies
Fiddy Shades Of Gray - deep gray
Fiddy Shades Darker -blackish gray
[Debuted 8.1.15]
"Raspberry Beret" : A beautiful, deep raspberry jelly, aptly named after a Prince song.
"Sapph-FIRE" : A lovely deep, sapphire blue with a violet undertone and satin finish.
"Terracotta" : A deep, brick red color, inspired by pottery.
"Jaded N' Faded" : A beautiful, creamy jade green jelly, inspired by it's deep green hue.
"Epiphany Blue" : A beautiful, creamy turquoise that'll be perfect for turquoise nail art!