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BGL Customs & SwOx - Swatch Box (Swatchers ONLY!!)


SwOx = (Swatch + Box)
Want to Swatch for me?
This is a discounted set of random minis, for aspiring swatchers on a budget.
The colors will be selected according to need at that particular time, for instance, like when a new collection gets released.
SwOx 2.0 is 8 minis.
SwOx 3.0 is 4 XL Minis (7.5mL each)
Prefer swatching f/s bottles? Grab a "SwOx 4.0 v1 or v2" both of which consist 3 pk 10 mL! (H)- means holo
Not eligible for further discounts. Not labeled for resale.
BGL Customs:
I've never given this much concrete thought before, until I ended up making free customs, as a favor for friends and clients, on a regular basis. So, if you can dream it up, I can mix it up!
**NOTE: I will not purposely dupe a fellow Indie maker.**

Please leave your custom details in the notes section. Also, let me know if you have a name picked out. Thanks in advance!