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"Beyond The Cosmos" Collection (Fall/Winter)


Are you ready for some beautiful, sparkly, blackened multichrome polishes?! Well, the "Beyond The Cosmos" is right up your Galaxy! (see what I did there?! 🤣) Get your cosmic fix on October 30th!!
This collection contains four, enchanting polishes that were made to look like the beauty of outer space.
Each deep, rich shade shifts with every move of your hand and the sparkle won't let you look away!
Available in singles and a set of four.*

"Cosmic Experience"- Shifts Red/Bronze/Gold
"Astral-Nomical" - Shifts Green/Blue/Violet
"Nebular Dreams" - Shifts Blue/Violet/Indigo
"Galactic Bronze" - Shifts Bronze/Gold/Green
*Note: Pricing for the set of four is $34 + Priority Shipping costs have been included in the total price.