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*SALE* SisterFriends Collex Vol. I

$4.50 / On sale

Seven beautiful polishes named after a few of my "Sister Friends!" Know any beauties with this these names? Grab one for them! In honor of Volume II's upcoming creation, don't miss out on taking advantage of Volume I's final inventory! Only a handful of each remain!
Volume I:
PATRICE: Purple/Green duochrome with micro shimmer
BRIDGET: Hot pink crelly with mini neon hex glitter + neon heart glitters in pink/green
COURTNEY: Gray crelly with blue and white star & hex glitters.
YASMINE: Smokey black shimmer with holo & pastel glitters,
ALEXIS : Deep red creme w/holo shimmer dust & micro shimmer,
KELLY: Neon powder blue crelly with neon pastel polka dot glitter
CHERISE: Lavender crelly w/pastel polka dots