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Purple & Violet Color List


New In 2019!
BGL has decided to go Economy & ROYGBV! Smaller bottles means lower prices and now, all non-Galaxy Collex shades will be grouped by color. This listing will contain all purples and violet shades available. The bottles can be upgraded from 10 mL to 15 mL by selecting 1 upgrade per bottle.

Color Finish Codes:
[C]= Creme - [Cr]= Crelly [D]= Duo/Multi-chrome - [F]= Flakies - [FG]= Flakies+Glitter-
[FH]= Flakies+Holo - Holo= [H] - [J]= Jelly - [M]= Matte - [Me]= Metallics- [Sc]= Scented - [Sh]= Shimmery