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"One In A Million"/ Pretty Little Prototypes LE

$9.25 USD

As most people already know, I am truly a diehard Aaliyah fan.
Back in 2014, I decided to make a tribute polish dedicated to Baby Girl.
Back then, only 13 bottles were made to commemorate the 13th anniversary of Aaliyah's untimely passing. I decided to bring it back again this year.
It's a white crelly with red, black, silver and white glitters.
"Baby Girl" once mentioned in a magazine interview that her favorite colors were "red, black and white", so I decided that it would be a great color scheme to use.

πŸ’šSwatches by @grneyegoddess7πŸ’š
** The Aaliyah sticker shown are from the first release & will not be added to new, cubic bottles. Please note that the bottle shown are used for swatchers only! **
Pretty Little Prototypes:
Love flakies? I think that it would be hard to find someone who doesn't! Here I have four LE prototypes! So, I was experimenting with a few colors, a little while ago. These four crelly polishes were a part of that process. I don't have a lot on hand. Since these colors aren't part of a scheduled release, they will not be reproduced once sold out, unfortunately.
Please note that this is a VERY tiny batch. So, if either of these catch your eye, now's the time to get one or all of them!
Two-coat coverage. Sold individually in 15 mL bottles.
Want all four? Use Code PLPBGL4 & save 15%!!**

**ATTN: I can't stress enough how these polishes are in extremely short supply!