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Halloween Classics (Best Sellers)


Witness the return of BGL/DDP Halloween Classics!
These beautiful polishes were repeatedly top sellers, so they get brought back yearly!
"Candy Cornucopia" -- a white crelly full of triangle, hex and square glitters.

"Skull Kandy" - - a soft pink, translucent crelly featuring an assortment of glitters, including white and black skull glitters.

"Once Bitten" - - a beautiful red-to-burgundy thermal. (cold-activated thermal; will only be made to order. )

"The Return Of The Living Dead"-- a charcoal shimmer polish with golden flakies and duochome pigment.

"Lil Miss Skully"-- a unique, matte, black Jelly full of skull and assorted glitters.

"U Don't Know Jack-O-Lantern"-- an orange sparkly, scented crelly! (pumpkin spice scented) .