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Crelly Collective III


Love Crelly Polishes? Well, this "Crelly Collective" is the listing for you! These crelly creations are all very unique.
Sold in 15 mL bottles.
Crelly Collective III: created between 2016-2018
"Join The Club"- A white crelly full of black club and circle glitters, as well as black shards and tiny hex glitters.

"Precious Peony"- A delicate white crelly, named after one of @tufchik901's favorite flowers. It's full of sparkle from assorted iridescent glitters.

"Mystery Mix (Retro)"- Inspired by a favorite, childhood candy of mine, this citron crelly is packed full of purple, lilac and teal circle glitters.

"Baby Shower"- Inspired by gender reveal parties, this creamy white crelly is loaded with pink, blue and lavender glitter accents. Grab one if you know someone who's expecting and they also love uniquely-themed polishes!

****** Spring 2017 Creations*******
"Icing On The Cake" - A fun crelly inspired by cupcakes with sprinkles!

"You're Lucky, I'm Charming" - A playful crelly inspired by a cereal that I enjoyed as a kid. Full of fun glitter shapes in a sheer, milky base!

"Speck-Ulation" - A peachy crelly full of tiny glitters that look like colorful specks!

"Rainbow 'Fetti" - A milky crelly full of tiny rainbow glitters inspired by white confetti cake!

"Mint 2B" - A beautiful mint shimmer creme with chocolate micro glitter and golden flakies.
Crelly/Jelly Collective : 8 New Colors Made 2.25.18
"Dot Matrix" - various dot glitters in a semi-metallic white pearl base. (Idea date:

"Dragon Fruit" - fuchsia dot glitters and black shards in a white crelly base. (Idea date: 7.27.17)

"Oh, Bee-have!" - bold yellow and black shards in a white crelly base. (Idea date: 9.16.17)

"Siren Noire" - bold red holo dot glitter, cherry red hex and red dot glitters, all in a black jelly base. (Idea date 9.17.17)

"Bahama Mama" - bold yellow shards, green hex glitter and black shards in a white crelly base; inspired by the Bahamian flag. (Idea date: 9.17.17)

"Hey, Rasta Man!" - bright red hex glitters, bold yellow shards, green hex glitter and black shards, all in a white crelly base. (Idea date: 9.17.17)

"Oh, Holo There!"- various holographic glitters in a black jelly base. (Idea 9.17.17)

"Mean & Green" - vivid evergreen and bright apple green glitter assortment , all in a white crelly base. Perfect for St. Patty's Day! (Idea date: 12.4.17)