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Crelly Collective II: The Classics!


Love Crelly Polishes? Well, this "Crelly Collective" is the listing for you! These crelly creations are all very unique. Sold in 15 mL bottles.
Crelly Collective II: Classic Crellies from 2014 & 2015:

BlooJean Bliss- A denim-blue crelly inspired by paint-splattered jeans!

Pastel PartyGirl - A playful lavender crelly full of blue, pink & purple glitters!

Just Wonder-ing - A walk down the bread aisle inspired this one! Full of blue, red and yellow dot and hex glitters in a creamy, white base!

Proud Peacock- A deep bluish crelly/jelly base with blue, green and purple glitters, inspired by a peacock's tail feathers!

#SquareBiz - "I'm talking square biz to ya, baby!" It's quite obvious that the inspiration for this crelly was inspired by the song of the same name! It's very playful, unique & full of assorted square glitters in a creamy, white base.