Baby Girl Lacquer

Colorwheel Basics: Greens & Blues

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BGL may be the home of the original "Galaxy Collection" Holographics, but there are other types of #BGLBeauties to enjoy as well!
Need a vivid green like "Jaded N' Faded" or a gorgeous blue, like "Deja-Blur"?! Look no further than this listing!
All of these alumni colors once belonged to previous collections and now, you can get them individually!
Some of these beautiful hues even come scented!
-->> 5 & 10 Free Formulas
-->> Sold in slender, 15 mL bottles.

Key Codes: [C]- Crème [D]- Duochrome [M] - Metallic [SC] - Scented [T] - Translucent

10.19.20 NEWLY ADDED:
Deja-Blue: A bold & beautiful blue that's reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean. You'll swear that you've seen it before!

Absolutely Blue-tiful 1.0: A beautiful, darkened royal blue shimmer with duochrome pigments that flash teal/purple at different angles.

Absolutely Blue-tiful v2.0: A beautiful, darkened royal blue shimmery crelly with color-shifting flakies and duochrome pigments that flash teal/purple at different angles. This one has more attitude than the 1st version!

Mint 2 Do That!: A shimmery, duochrome mint pearl w/a touch of holo &lots of color-shifting flakies.

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#CandyColorCollection, #FabFiveCollection

  • Sour Apple (Lt. Green) [SC] 10 in stock

  • Pickup Limes 10 in stock

  • Jaded N' Faded (Dk. Jade Green) 10 in stock

  • Mint 2 Do That [D] 20 in stock

  • Epihany Blue (Tiff. Blue) 8 in stock

  • Cotton Candy (Baby Blue) [SC] 10 in stock

  • Aquamarine (Lt. Blue) 10 in stock

  • ¡Azul! (Vibrant Blue) 10 in stock

  • Deja-Blue 20 in stock

  • Cloud 9 10 in stock

  • Sapph-FIRE (Royal Blue) 10 in stock

  • Blueberry Hill (Dark Blue) [SC] 10 in stock

  • Absolutely Blue-tiful 1.0 20 in stock

  • Absolutely Blue-tiful 2.0 (Flakies) 20 in stock