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Color-Morphosis Collex

$14.00 / Coming soon

What is the Color-Morphosis Collection all about? It was created in conjunction with the #GalaxyCollection in 2013 (& beyond)! It is all about merging beautiful, multi-chrome polishes with a mesmerizing holographic effect! The name for "Oh My Gosh!" was inspired by a song of the same name. I had an idea to expand with more captivating colors and name each one after popular exclamations and the rest is history! Sold in 15 mL bottles.
(*) - Originally created as a trio, in 2013, and later separated.)

*"Oh My Gosh!"- Coppery w/ Red/Orange/Yellow/Green shift.
*"Are You Serious?!"- Purple/red/blue shift
*"No Way!"- Green/Silver shift
"Get Outta Here!"- Lavender/Blue/Purple/Orange shift
"iCan't With You!"- Red/Green/Blue/Purple
"Whoa!"- Green/Gold/Purple/Blue
"That's Crazy!"- Golden color with Yellow/Olivine/Green multi-shift
"Unbelievable!" - Deep blue color with Green/Purple/Red multi-shift