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BGL Sparkly Top Coats

$7.50 USD

Here are all of BGL's Sparkly, specialty top coats ! Use code "BGLTCE" For Daily Top Coat Deals!
Now Available in ECONOMY (EC-10 mL) and STANDARD (ST-15 mL) Cubic bottles! Each item is 5 FREE!

Galactic Blast: The original "galaxy" holo top coat and first ever created by BGL! Turn ANY color into a holographic polish! Most importantly, #ItWontGrayOutYourPolish !

Aurelia: A sparkly golden flakie topper.

Meteor Shower: A silver top coat with both linear and scattered holo.

Pyrite This Way: A golden glitter top coat that will remind you of Fool's Gold.

Ma-Holo: Matte + Holo = a very unique combination that you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It's literally the first ever matte holo top coat ever made! (created on 6.21.14)

*NEW* Galaxy Sparkle: a clear topper filled with holographic flakies! Gorgeous over any shade, but especially darker shades. (created 2.22.17)

*NEW* I Flaked It: A gorgeous mix of multiple flakie types, all in a clear base. Gorgeous over any shade, but magical over black and other dark shades.
(created 2.22.17)

Nail Art Wheel: A cutesy little wheel filled with assorted nail trinkets.