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BGL Legacy Color List Requests/Custom Requests/Karma Collex


Are you looking for a particular color, from a previous collection?
Need a pink? Need a red? Check out the lagacy
New In 2019!
BGL has decided to go Economy & ROYGBIV! Smaller bottles means lower prices and now, all non-Galaxy Collex shades will be grouped by color. The bottles can be upgraded from 10 mL to 15 mL by selecting 1 upgrade per bottle.
The album to view is in the FB group:
Color Finish Codes:
[C]= Creme - [Cr]= Crelly [D]= Duo/Multi-chrome - [F]= Flakies - [FG]= Flakies+Glitter-
[FH]= Flakies+Holo - [G]=Glitter - Holo= [H] - [J]= Jelly - [M]= Matte - [Me]= Metallics- [Sc]= Scented - [Sh]= Shimmery
-----------------------------------Shared Listing-----------------------------------------
ATTN: A very small amount of the Karma Chameleon Collex is still in stock.
It has been moved here to save space.
As an Aaliyah fan, I read that this was one of her favorite songs. I liked the song since I was a kid and the video is very colorful. The '80s were an awesome era for music. I'm happy that I was able to witness it in my childhood.

This collection will feature four, shifty colors. Each color is named from song lyrics:
"If Your Colors Were Like My Dreams"
shifts: Reddish Copper/Gold/Green (see what I did there?!) 😜
"You Come & Go, You Come & Go!" shifts: Pink/Vioet/Red/Copper
"Every Day Is Like Survival"
shifts: Red/Bronze/Copper
"You're My Lover, Not My Rival"
shifts: Green/Blue/Red/Purple/Violet
within a deep blue base. **very unique **
Sold in 10 mL Cubics.

BGL Customs:
I've never given this much concrete thought before, until I ended up making free customs, as a favor for friends and clients, on a regular basis. So, if you can dream it up, I can mix it up!
**NOTE: I will not purposely dupe a fellow Indie maker.**

Please leave your custom details in the notes section. Also, let me know if you have a name picked out. Thanks in advance!