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BGL Custom Press-On Nails


Can't get to the nail salon? Staying at home, but you still want your nails to look fabulous? Order a set of BGL Custom Press-On Nails! These nails are reinforced with a thin layer of acrylic, for added strength. Each Set Comes W/2 Simple Nail Art nails included. Intricate nail art, such as cartoon characters or otherwise detailed nail art not included at the standard pricing.

Please view the sizing instruction chart to properly measure each nail. Please list the size of each finger in the notes section (Example: Thumb = 15 mm). Also, use the notes section to list all info that you have about your order.

Choose between the Ballerina/Coffin or Stiletto/Pointy shape. Each nail is about 1" - 1.25" in length, so please specify if you'd like to shorten them.
Note: Ballerina nails are sized slightly more narrow than Stiletto.

Each set of nails comes with an instruction leaflet, professional nail glue, press-on sticky tabs, buffer, file and wipes for alcohol/acetone. If you do not want the sticky tabs, please add your request to leave them out, in the notes.

Please allow 3-5 days processing in order to create and ship your custom set.

Note: You can customize your set even more with Glow-in-the-dark and mood/thermal acrylic. In order to do this, you must select "Upgrade: Mood/Glow Acrylic" in addition to your custom set. This is the only way to transform your set from the standard acrylic.

Glow In The Dark colors: aqua, blue, pink, green, habanero, orange, yellow, white, violet, light blue and grape.

Mood Acrylic color options: (List coming soon!)
Solar: Yellow to Burgundy in sunlight/UV.

BGL Custom Press-On Nails Application Instructions
1. Remove all polish and excess oils from all 10 nails.
2. Gently buff the surface of your nail plate to remove the shiny layer. Repeat on all 10.
3. Use an alcohol or acetone pad to thoroughly clean all dust from the nails. This is very important for proper adhesion.
4. Apply a small bead of glue to the matte area of the artificial nail & apply it to your finger. Be sure to rock the nail side-to-side to prevent air bubbles from being trapped. Hold firmly for at least 5 seconds.
5. Quickly wipe away any excess glue ASAP!
6. Enjoy your new custom set of nails! Be kind to them and treat them like jewels, not tools!
Thanks for supporting Baby Girl Lacquer!