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Base/Top Coat Assortment

$6.50 USD

"Creamy Base Coat":
A soft, sheer pink base coat that not only provides a sticky base for polishes, but it also fills ridges, which allows for the smoothest polish applications. This base coat also makes a perfect foundation for French manicures! No other base coat exists quite like this one! Grab this unique base coat today!
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"Clearly Marble-Ous"
Clear marble designs are all the rage right now! I have no idea who started the trend, but I love seeing them! Want to have some "negative space" within your watermarble designs? Grab a bottle of "Clearly Marble-ous", alternate adding drops of color with this product and marble your little heart out! Available in Economy (EC) and Standard (ST) sizes.
Need a super dry-feeling matte top coat? Grab a bottle of "Matte-Nificent"! It's a super dry, quick drying matte top coat. Give all of your matte manis a velvet look and feel! Available in two sizes: Economy (EC - 10 mL) and Standard (ST - 15 mL).
Speedy Glam Gloss:
Need a quick dry top coat that doesn't break the bank? Try Speedy Glam Gloss! It's a quick dry top coat that dries in about 3 minutes. Non-streaking and non-shrinking. Available in Economy (EC) and Standard (ST) sizes!
Tree Hugger (WBTC):
Love water-based top coats? Need to protect your water decals, chrome powders or nail foils? Grab a bottle of "Tree Hugger" today! A water-based top coat that's perfect for chrome powder art, foils AND the environment! Simply apply directly on top of your nail art and allow to dry. It will have a slightly milky appearance, but will dry absolutely clear. Clean any excess with soap and water or polish remover. Follow up with either an extra coat or your favorite clear top coat to seal!

Non-toxic/Vegan/10+ Free! {Please protect from freezing!}
Smoke & Smog:
Like creating nail art on a translucent black base? Well, you're in luck because "Smoke" is exactly what you need! It's perfect for dotticures and lacy nail art over a translucent background. It can also be used as a translucent black top coat over nail art.
[Image credit: Shatina B. @lavish_lady on IG]

*NEW* Smog- Just like "Smoke", "Smog" is a translucent black jelly, but with HOLO added! (created 6.9.17) [Image credit: Teresa S. @nailingit71 on IG]

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Now Available in ECONOMY (EC-10 mL) and STANDARD (ST-15 mL) Cubic bottles! Each item is 5 FREE!