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Smoke / Smog (Translucent Base)

$7.50 USD

Like creating nail art on a translucent base? Well, you're in luck because "Smoke" is exactly what you need! It's perfect for dotticures and lacy nail art over a translucent background. It can also be used as a translucent black top coat over nail art.
[Image credit: Shatina B. @lavish_lady on IG]

*NEW* Smog- Just like "Smoke", "Smog" is a translucent black jelly, but with HOLO added! (created 6.9.17) [Image credit: Teresa S. @nailingit71 on IG]

Use code "BGLTT" For "Top Coat Tuesdays"!
Now Available in ECONOMY (EC-10 mL) and STANDARD (ST-15 mL) Cubic bottles! Each item is 5 FREE!