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July '18: PPU Replay !

$10.50 USD / Coming Soon

ATTN: PPU Fans! Did you miss out on this PPU shade/theme? Wishing for a replay? Well, since PPU HQ will be on vacay for the whole month of July, you'll get your wish! You'll have one shot to get a specific color from each maker that participated. Those of us will be bringing back select PPU shades of the past!
I have chosen "Australian Fire Opal" from January 2018's "Crystals & Gemstones".
It's a green/blue/purple/red shifty multi-chrome filled with UCC Flakies.
Shipping is FREE for the 1st bottle and $.25 for each additional.

*** NOTE: Participation for this event is strictly through the makers and their shops.***
Previous PPU Participation events below:
DDP/BGL has participated in these past themes:
8/2017: Old Hollywood (as DDP)
11/2017: Fandoms (as DDP)
12/2017: Holidays Around The World (BGL debut)
1/2018: Crystals & Gemstones
2/2018: Sugar Rush
3/2018*-- Wait Listed/No Submission Created
4/2018: Across The Planets & Galaxies
5/2018*-- Wait Listed/No Submission Created
6/2018 Video Games